Behrmann Motors "Tradition of Trust"

Purchasing a vehicle is an important decision.
How do you decide whom to purchase from?
How do you protect your investment, once you have committed yourself to that decision?

Behrmann Motors differentiates itself from other Dealer/Distributors, by heavily investing in our service department.
We are committed to our service department because we are committed to you, our cherished customer.

We accomplish this by using the following policies:

  1. Invest in people at all levels, through continual certified training and standards testing.
  2. Invest in facilities with strict international standards, applied through continuous improvement.
  3. Constantly listen to, and learn from our customers concerns, and problems to provide solid solutions.

Our service to you begins on the showroom floor, and continues to be maintained and nurtured by the service department. This is why most fleet owners trust Behrmann Motors. We know that you will as well.

BEHRMANN MOTORS is very proud of its service department.
Please enquire bellow to review its specifications


Behrmann Motors Service and Repair Technicians Consist of the following:

Two Master Technicians

    • Certified to instruct Mitsubishi, Ford, KIA, and VW courses any where in the world.
    • over 50 Years of Combined Experience, the depth and qty of knowledge is what produces results.
    • This knowledge is taught through Theoretical and Technical Certified Online Training, coupled with real time skills and application training.
    • This knowledge is taught in a 20 seat classroom where knowledge is ensured to be transmitted.

Four Certified Forman

    • To have passed the two step training program in all respective brands.
    • Each Forman has 5 years of experience.
    • Have access to a full reference library, diagnostic computers and special tools for each respected brand.
    • Engine
    • Drive Train & Suspension
    • Engine Performance and Electrical Diagnostics

Twenty Three Certified Technicians

    • Each technician is certified to fix and maintain Mitsubishi, Ford, KIA, and VW.
    • Have 3 solid months of real time training for each respective brand and model.
    • Are equipped with a complete 200 unit toolbox, one bay, and one lift each.
    • Include 1 bay each, 1 lift each where applicable.

Nine Certified Body shop Technician

    • Each Body shop technician have 3 solid months of training in each respective domain of expertise.
    • They each have 1.5 bays on average and a complete 200 unit toolbox equipped with special tools.
    • - 2 Frame Machines, 2 MIG welders, 2 torch welders, and a spray booth.
  • No repair is too complex for the Behrmann Motors Body shop technicians to accomplish.